Belted King FisherBelted King Fisher
Welcome to the Wildlife of Holyrood. It's home to a variety of wildlife including whales, sea otters & seals and numerous species of birds.

This gallery is dedicated to the wildlife that call this little harbour home. During the summer months at low tide the harbour's bottom is completely exposed in areas. So what is normally covered under several feet of water is exposed. The rocks and muddy bottom provide a feast for the birds in the area. Eagles, Hawks, Kingfishers and Gulls can be seen daily feasting on the creatures left high and dry by the receding tides.

The Hawks actually show up at the same time every day. Like clockwork you can almost get it down to the minute on when they arrive to feast on the fish in the shallows. The gulls can usually be seen scavenging snails, mollusks and fish from the shallow waters and from the seaweed. The Eagles and Gannets are harder to see as they show up every now and then. The harbour has high cliffs so it's a great spot for these great birds to perch and wait as they scan the waters far below.

I can usually be seen at some point during the day watching and waiting to photograph these birds. It's a great way to wind down and just enjoy a bit of nature. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.
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Bald Eagle... perched atop a post overlooking the Holyrood marina.Merganser on the rocks.Merganser on the rocks.Female Merganser with a fish.Kingfisher perched at the rocks at the mouth of North Arm River. There is a nest nearby.A pair of Kingfishers perched on the rocks.Juvenile Bald Eagle. There is a nest overlooking the harbour. This summer there were 2 juveniles.CormorantCormorantCormorantGannet flying high above the Holyrood beach.Gull on a wharf post.SeagullA gull floating on the glassy waters of the North Arm harbour.Same gull as pervious flying over the harbour.A gull searching for mollusks.The gull found one and flies elsewhere to eat.Flying off with is mollusk.Another gull scanning the waters below.Got his crab.